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Have you considered carpet for your home?

There are many great things to love about carpet, but even more so with increased technological advances. You’ll find these floors to be the softest and most comfortable floor because they are the only smooth surface flooring available on the market. But you’ll find them to have many other characteristics and benefits that will make it a perfect choice for many spaces throughout your home.

Carpet makes a huge difference in your home

One of the most appealing benefits of this flooring line is the impressive heat retention that not only makes your home stay warmer through the winter months but eventually shows up as savings on your energy bill. The flooring, along with a quality under padding, acts as a layer of insulation to keep things cozy year-round. It’s a perfect addition to living rooms, bedrooms, and children's rooms.

Now, more than ever, these floors are a perfect addition to busy homes that might need stain and odor protection. Many brands have now added built-in stain protection that never washes off, even with repeated commercial cleanings. This helps keep your floors cleaner looking, but they also help alleviate the odors that can come with ground-in dirt, debris, and bacteria.

Once you’ve picked the best flooring and features, your final service will be carpet installation. Our trained and experienced installation techs have all the tools for a perfect installation, no matter how many rooms need flooring. What’s more, we stand behind our work and will complete a thorough walk-through before leaving your home to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you have other questions about these materials or services, please visit us to find out more.

Shop our showroom for carpet you can count on

When you’re shopping for carpet in Portage, WI, be sure to visit Freedom Carpetingfor all your flooring needs. We are independently, locally owned, and operated, but we have affiliations with vendors and distributors for quick access to the materials you need most. For both residential and commercial flooring, we’re your one-stop-flooring shop.

We invite you to visit our carpet store in Portage, WI, especially if you’re a resident of Portage, WI, Baraboo, WI, Endeavor, WI, Lodi, WI, Pardeeville, WI, Poynette, WI,Rio, WI, Wisconsin Dells, WI, || Montello, WI. When you arrive, you’ll find out extensive selection of material will cater to all your needs, as will our services, which are tailored to your specific requirements. Drop by our showroom to find carpet that genuinely meets your requirements.